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Chicanx, Latinx, Faculty, Staff, & Allies Association

Chicanx, Latinx, Faculty, Staff, & Allies Association of Washington State University Constitution

Article I - Name

The name of this association shall be the Chicanx, Latinx, Faculty, Staff, & Allies Association (CLFSAA). Hereafter, the Chicanx, Latinx, Faculty Staff, & Allies Association will be referred to as the “ASSOCIATION.”

Article II – Mission

The mission of the Washington State University ASSOCIATION is to give voice and recognition to the many Chicanx and Latinx university members. The organization is committed to facilitate rapport between Chicanx and Latinx university employees at all levels and across the entire campus community. Our presence on campus enriches the university because of our contributions, diversity and commitment to the intellectual life of the community.

Article III – Goals

The goals of the ASSOCIATION shall be to:

  1. To solidify and strengthen Washington State University’s ties to and participation with our surrounding Chicanx and Latinx communities;
  2. To consult with the university regarding policies and practices that impact Chicanx and Latinx in the WSU community;
  3. To develop effective channels of communication to bring about better understanding of the goals and objectives of the University's diversity initiatives and other articulated concerns as they relate to Chicanx and Latinx in the University community;
  4. To identify areas of need in program development and in the recruitment of Chicanx and Latinx faculty, administrators, staff and students;
  5. To provide a broad network of Chicanx and Latinx role models, support, and advocacy to help ensure the overall success of Chicanx and Latinx students;
  6. To foster diversity and the integrity and vitality of the public commitments to our university mission statement.

Article IV – Membership

  1. The ASSOCIATION shall be open to all WSU faculty, staff, and administrators who have an interest in Chicanx and Latinx issues in education and who are committed to promoting the goals and objectives of the ASSOCIATION. WSU-enrolled students may also participate in the organization as non-voting, non-office holding members.
  2. Only those who have paid annual dues to the ASSOCIATION shall be considered “members in good standing” and have specific membership privileges and have a right to vote, hold office, or serve as committee chairpersons.
  3. Membership Dues:
    1.  Membership dues shall be $40 per academic year and will be made in $20 payments per semester.
    2. The membership year shall be based upon the academic year calendar set in place by Washington State University.
    3. Dues paid by April 30 of each year shall count for the current membership year, unless requested otherwise by the member.
    4. Dues paid on May 1 or later shall count for the following membership year, unless requested otherwise by the member.

Article V – Meetings

General Membership Meetings:

  1. General membership meetings shall be held at least once per month.
  2. The meetings shall be at a time and place designated by the Executive Committee with written electronic notice provided to each member at least seven (7) days prior to the meeting.
  3. Special Meetings:
    1. Special meetings may be called by the Executive Committee as the need arises.
    2. Written electronic notice of special meetings must be provided to all members at least seven (7) days prior to such a meeting, except in a severe crisis when the majority of the Executive Committee may order a special meeting with lesser notice.

Article VI – Officers and Duties


  1. The elected officers of the ASSOCIATION shall be: Staff Co-Chair, Faculty Co-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.
  2. The officers shall be elected by the ASSOCIATION members who are in good standing.
  3. The elected officers shall be collectively known as the "Executive Committee" of the ASSOCIATION.
  4. The Executive Committee shall consist of the elected Co-Chairs, Secretary, Treasurer, Social Chair, and Communications Chair. The Executive Committee shall:
    1. meet at least monthly during the academic year;
    2. have authority to transact the affairs of the ASSOCIATION between regular membership meetings;
    3. encourage and assist program development with consultation from the general membership;
    4. appoint standing and special committees;
    5. accept such other authority as may be delegated to it by the membership at large.

The Co-Chairs shall:

  1. preside at all meetings of the ASSOCIATION and its Executive Committee and shall assume the usual duties of a presiding officer;
  2. oversee the work of the other officers and ensure that they function together as an effective team;
  3. provide the overall vision and sense of direction for the organization;
  4. delegate appropriate responsibilities to committee chairs and oversee chair people and the work of all committees;
  5. be the primary spokesperson for the ASSOCIATION as directed by the Executive Committee and /or the membership;
  6. schedule ASSOCIATON officer and organizational meeting dates, time, and facilities and disseminate notices of such meetings regularly and routinely;

The Secretary shall:  

  1. record, produce, and distribute true and accurate summary notes of all pertinent ASSOCIATION business to members (including meeting notes, upcoming events and opportunities);
  2. record, produce and distribute true and accurate summary notes of the Executive Committee meetings of the ASSOCIATION;
  3. keep accurate ASSOCIATION membership lists with names, titles, addresses and phone numbers;
  4. create and manage ASSOCIATION email distribution lists;
  5. perform such other duties as are assigned by the President and Executive Committee

The Treasurer shall:  

  1. receive and deposit all moneys or funds of the ASSOCIATION in such depositories as may be selected by the membership, and shall disburse the funds of the ASSOCIATION in the manner directed by the membership;
  2. record and pay bills, and manage day-to-day financial transactions of the ASSOCIATION including the maintenance of adequate and correct account of the assets, liabilities, receipts, disbursements, gains, and loses. The books of account(s) shall be open to inspection by any member;
  3. establish an annual ASSOCIATION budget and ensure it is followed;
  4. report regularly the ASSOCIATION’S financial status to ASSOCIATION officers and general members

The Social Chair shall:

  1. ensure that the ASSOCIATION has a presence at sponsored events and other university events;
  2. organizes two events per semester for the ASSOCIATION with the help of other members;
  3. highlights the ASSOCIATION's involvement with the campus community and outlying Chicanx and Latinx communities;
  4. helps promote other functions in which the ASSOCIATION is participating with the Communications Chair;
  5. maintains a social calendar for the ASSOCIATION;
  6. creates a photo gallery of events that the ASSOCIATION has sponsored or assisted with;
  7. promotes the ASSOCIATION to help recruit new members along with the Communications Chair;
  8. responsible for reserving rooms for social events;
  9. participates in Executive Officer meetings

The Communications Chair:

  1. maintains the ASSOCIATION website;
  2. manages social media presence of the ASSOCIATION on any and all social media sites;
  3. creates new social media sites for the ASSOCIATION as necessary (i.e. Twitter, Instagram, etc.);
  4. collaborates in the drafting of external communications;
  5. assists the Social Chair with recruiting of new members;
  6. distributes welcome packets to potential new members;
  7. participates in Executive Officer meetings.

Terms of Office:

  1. The term of these officers shall be 1 (one) year commencing May 30 of one year and ending on June 1 of the following year.
  2. An officer may be re-elected for no more than one (1) additional successive term in the same office.
  3. Election of Officers:
    1. The Executive Committee shall appoint an elections committee March 1 of each year. The elections committee shall consist of no less than three (3) members in good standing. No member of the Executive Committee shall serve on the elections committee.
    2. When possible, the elections committee shall identify at least two (2) candidates for each office and obtain their consent to run for office.
    3. The election committee shall conduct an election by mail, and/or e-mail by sending ballots to all members in good standing.
    4. Officers are elected by a majority vote of the members in good standing.
    5. Election results shall be announced by the election committee by the end of the membership year (April 30).

Article VII - Committees

  1. The Executive Committee shall appoint ad hoc committees as needed to fulfill the ASSOCIATION’S purposes.
  2. As each committee is appointed, the Executive Committee shall define its roles, responsibilities, scope, and timelines.
  3. The chair of all appointed committees shall be a member in good standing of the ASSOCIATION.

Article VIII – Duties of Committee Chairs

The Committee Chair shall:

    1. manage the work of committee, with appropriate direction and delegation;
    2. report to the vice president and at ASSOCIATION general meetings.

Article VIX - Quorums

  1. A quorum for membership meetings shall be 1/2 of the members in good standing at the time of a meeting. An act of such a quorum shall be considered an act of the ASSOCIATION.
  2. A quorum for all committee meetings, including the Executive Committee, shall be the simple majority of the committee membership. An act of such a quorum shall be an act of the committee.

Article X - Amendments

  1. These bylaws may be amended by mail ballot or at any meeting of the ASSOCIATION.
  2. Members in good standing shall be provided copies of or emailed all proposed amendments at least fourteen (14) days prior to any vote on bylaws amendments.
  3. Amendments shall be considered adopted if they are approved by 1/2 + 1 of the members in good standing.