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Chicanx, Latinx, Faculty, Staff, & Allies Association

La Malinche

The membership of the Chicanx, Latinx, Faculty, Staff, & Allies Association at Washington State University represents all segments of the University System. Much like the richness of our culture, our members represent a wide array of university professionals at all levels of the institution, committed to enact change in our community. We invite you to become part of our organization, where you will find a supportive and caring community that emulates the concept of familia.

 Benefits of Membership:

  1. Professional Development: Workshops, programs, and events offered throughout the year to members to build skills and knowledge for career advancement opportunities
  2. Networking & Community: Connect with other on-campus staff association affiliate groups, increase awareness and active participation, social networking and learning events
  3. Advocacy: Find opportunities to get involved in making meaningful change at the institution and advocate for a more inclusive university community.

To join, simply click on the link below to be added to the list-serv and receive communications about upcoming events, including membership meetings.  To finalize the process, bring your membership fee to your first meeting.

Click Here to Join

Picture of the ESFCC.